Monday, March 15, 2010

Brief reflections on my last day at home

So, I'm sitting here on my last day as a stay-at-home mom, just back from a fun picnic by the waterway, watching Anna on the video monitor as she fights her nap. I've been fighting back tears quite a few times in the last day as I think about my return to work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time home with Anna. I'm thankful to have been home for her 1st 9 months. We're just 3 months away from my goal of nursing to 1 year and still going strong, which I'm pretty sure wouldn't be the case if I would have had to return to work sooner. Anna is no longer a newborn and is much "sturdier", which makes it a little easier to leave her in someone elsels care.

Things I'm going to miss about being home full-time:
  • Spending all my time with Anna, being there when she wakes up in the morning and to put her down for every nap and then going in when she wakes to get her
  • The easy-going, lack of stress lifestyle; I'll miss not worrying about what time I need to go to bed or about the weekends being too short
  • Taking care of my hubby and being able to help him to try to lighten his load a little
  • Having the time to make yummy, healthy dinners.
  • Leisurely trips to the grocery store during the middle of the week, rather than during the rush of the weekends
  • Having time to invest in friendships on a consistent basis. I really enjoyed the weekly Bible study I did with my friend Elizabeth, fellowshipping with other moms at MOPS, and hanging with my best friend Andie whenever!
Out of time... back to the grind... so I'll leave it at that.

Here's a fun pic from today.

And here is a video I got of Anna laughing at me as I tried to get the printer to print earlier today.

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Kathy said...

That is the most wonderful sound in the whole world when a baby laughs. We miss you at MOPS but wish you all the best at work. Let us know how its going. :)