Friday, March 6, 2009

On the Grow

I haven't had much down time lately to be able to post an update, but at the moment my parents and Robert are out walking the dogs, so I thought I would bring you all up to speed a bit. I’m doing well these days. I’m definitely getting bigger by the week (check out for weekly belly shot updates), but to my surprise, I didn’t gain a pound in my 26th week of pregnancy. I have a feeling that I've gained some this week due to water retention. My feet are swollen pretty bad today. I had to wear flip-flops to work b/c I couldn't easily get my other shoes on. On top of the swelling, my back is very achy. I was trying to describe the pain to Robert and best I can describe it, it is like when you fall hard on your butt and a couple days later your back just aches! I'm hoping this subsides. I'm going to get a prenatal massage tomorrow!

The baby is moving a lot these days. Sometimes it feels like she is stretching tall, at which point I can’t lean forward or I feel like she is pushing my insides apart. I am getting very excited about meeting our little girl soon!

As for other happenings, my parents arrived last weekend for their annual week in TX. An added treat was that Uncle Sven and Nicole flew down for a 4-day weekend. We had a good time hanging out with everyone. On Saturday, Mom, Nicole, and I got pedicures. Nicole got the cutest French pedicure, including a cute pink accent. Saturday afternoon, Andie hosted a baby shower for me with our women's group. What a great group of friends I have made through our weekly Bible study!
Whitney, Andie, Nicole, Mom, and I
Denee', Eileen, Lisa, and Charlotte

On Sunday we took a drive to eat at The Monument Inn (by the San Jacinto Monument). We followed OnStar directions once we gave up trying to find it ourselves and ended up taking the Lynchburg Ferry to arrive at the restaurant... an amusing experience. Then, Dad, Sven, Nicole, and Robert toured the Battleship Texas. Nicole had a ball climbing into the guns on the ship.

Mom, Dad, Diesel, and Digger leave in the morning, so the house will be really quiet tomorrow! Cinder and Spade will mope for a day... they love when my parents are here b/c they get to play most of the day versus being in their boring cages!