Thursday, September 3, 2009

So much can change in 1 year!

Dear Anna,

Last summer, Pastor Kerry challenged the congregation to fast on the day of First Wednesday service in September and said we should each pray for something in particular. So, one year ago today I fasted and prayed throughout the day that God would bless your daddy and me with a baby. I prayed that the baby would start growing inside me that month and that he or she would grow perfectly. I also prayed and believed God that the pregnancy would carry on without a hitch and that the labor and delivery would be smooth. God is SO good; he blessed us with you just as I had prayed and believed.

Right after you were born, I told this story to the midwives who helped deliver you. Based on this story and how the labor & deliver went, Caroline wrote on the board where they keep track of all the babies that are born at Nativiti the following line next to your name, weight, and length – “like a hypnobirther… prayed to perfection”. This is very true… you are absolutely perfect and we have God to thank for that!

So, today, after waking up from a very interrupted night of sleep (you woke me up at 2am, 5:30am, and 7am), I have enjoyed spending the day with you – the little baby that I prayed and believed God for 1 year ago today. You are so precious to me. I love you, Anna!

Love always,

My beautiful daughter 1 day shy of 11 weeks old