Friday, April 24, 2009

Pregnancy is full of wonder

Recently, I've been thinking about how wonder-filled pregnancy is. I'm almost at 34 weeks and the last month has been full of new experiences which I didn't have an appreciation for until now, especially now that she is getting bigger and her quarters are becoming more cramped!

- The baby hiccups fairly regularly, as in a handful of times each week.
- She is most active in the afternoon and evenings. She moves so much at times. I try to visualize what she is doing and can only imagine she's preparing to be a track athlete like her daddy.
- She must have long legs b/c I can feel her feet poking out my right side and, at the same time, her little butt pushing on the left side of my belly.
- She sometimes likes to jab me suddenly, which makes me flinch.

She hasn't dropped yet, so my stomach and lungs are losing the battle over space. When I wake up in the morning, it seems as though she is snuggled up in the top of my belly. This makes me think of my dog Spade, who will fold herself up compactly in order to lay as close to me as possible at night.

Anyway, that gives you some insight into my pregnancy at this point. I'm feeling pretty good these days, other than fighting a sinus infection thanks to the allergy-ridden spring time weather. I can't believe she'll be here in ~6 weeks!