Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday Evening Church

Typically Robert and I go to church on Saturday evenings. We go to a big church and the Saturday services are less crowded than Sunday morning. Plus, this allows us to sleep in on Sunday morning. :-) Last night, I put on a new skirt I bought recently. A few minutes later, Robert came out sharply dressed and his shirt was coordinated with mine. So, after the 6pm service, my best friend Andie took our picture by the baptismal pool, which is where Robert and I got married a year and a half ago and this is also where I was baptized in Jan 2003.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Haircut

Both of our dogs have A LOT of hair; Cinder probably has the most. So, for the past few years my mom has shaved Cinder when my parents come to visit in March. This year, she didn't shave him in March; instead she helped me order a new blade for a set of old clippers she gave me so that I could shave him myself. So, Memorial Day weekend I decided I was going to shave him. Well, after an hour of fighting with the clippers, I only got his back shaved and then gave up. I figured I would get Robert to help me later and wasn't really worried about what he looked like b/c most of Cinder's outings consist of walks in the neighborhood. Well, just so happened, later that day I decided to take the dogs to the park to throw the ball for Spade. Cinder got some funny looks while Spade enjoyed fetching the ball in the lake. This was her first experience at the lake, so she had to learn how to swim. She did a lot of doggy-paddling, but near the end she got the hang of it.

Half-shaved Cinder:

A few days later Robert grabbed the clippers and he finished up what I started. All in all, Cinder looks pretty good (not as good as Mom can do, of course) and I think he is a lot cooler with the heat that is on us already.

Robert shaving Cinder:

Spade & Cinder (w/ his summer cut):