Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pregnancy Pictures

My one outing for the day was to go to our church and take some pregnancy photos. Our good friend Casey met Robert and I there and took some pictures of Robert and I and then some just of me. Robert also snapped some shots with his snazzy new camera. Here are a few of the ones that Robert captured. Our church has such beautiful grounds!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quiet Days

Last Friday was my last day of work. When I had my 36 week appointment last week and my midwife saw how swollen my feet were, she said "You're done!". She allowed me to work the next 2 days in order to hand over my work, so I had a very busy Thursday and Friday as I tried to quickly transition all of my responsibilities to my lead engineer. Come Monday, I was a bit disoriented... going from the pace of life I lead through last week to being home alone (well, with Cinder and Spade) was a big change! I'm not a big TV watcher, so the house was pretty quiet much of the day. Now 4 days into my slower lifestyle, I'm very grateful to have the time to rest.

As for preparations, I'm feeling pretty prepared. The nursery is basically together. We have a couple decorations to hang, one of which requires a shelf. When I talked to Robert about hanging a shelf, I was envisioning a simple off-the-rack board on some decorative brackets. Robert had other ideas... so, we went to Home Depot, purchased a 6-ft piece of very nice oak, and then Robert has proceeded to spend the last several weeks preparing it. He is a perfectionist, so when his first attempt at stain and polyurethane didn't look perfect, he sanded it down and now is on his second attempt. I'm thankful that he is so detail-oriented... just hoping the shelf is finished and hung before the baby arrives.

I'll post some pictures soon of all the progress we've made. As for now, I'm going to keep lying here on the couch, relaxing. :-)