Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hanging in IL

I'm in IL now visiting my family before I head to U of I to do some recruiting. I went with my mom to visit her Aunt Rita in the nursing home. Poor woman... she is 79 and has so many ailments. Today was the first time that I actually met her. I expected a mean old bat from all the stories about her, but she actually turned out to be pretty nice. I visited Lynn, Sven, & Nicole for a while and then went to church with Sven and Nicole. Very cool! We heard this ex-mob guy who turned his life over to Christ. When he was in the mob, he made $6-8M per week! Wow! Tomorrow I am going walking with my mom, the dogs, and her friends, then hanging with Nicole, and then I'll head to U of I for our info session tomorrow evening.