Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun in San Antonio

Last weekend, Robert, Anna, and I headed to San Antonio to visit Brian (my BIL) and Tamara (my future SIL). Brian has been there for 1.5 years already and we finally got around to visiting him - pregnancy and a newborn held us back until this point. Brian will graduate with his 2nd Masters Degree in August from UT San Antonio in Medical Health Physics... or maybe it's called Radiological Health Physics... might as well be Nuclear Brain Surgery. I don't know - can't ever keep the official degree straight. Whatever his degree, he'll be the guy who prepares and administers cancer treatments (right, Brian?!). Pretty cool! And then, in December, Brian and Tamara will FINALLY get married (they've only been together for ~8 years). I'm excited for Tamara and I to be sisters (-in-law)! And Robert, Anna, and I are all looking forward to being in the wedding!

We've been looking forward to this trip for a while. There is a GREAT outlet mall nearby that we spent most of Saturday at. Holy cow, did we hit the jackpot there! Let's see, I got a cool Columbia jacket that my iPod can hook into and I can control on the sleeve that was originally $230 for $50 (hooked my mom up with a Columbia jacket, too). We got Anna a Columbia snowsuit for this Christmas up north for $35 that was originally $130. I got $959 worth of Jones New York suit coats and suits for $194. I got some new Nike's to replace my 4 year old tennis shoes. Robert got some great clothes that "he makes look goooood" (so he says, but I'd have to agree) for great deals. What a great trip - not only did we find lots of great stuff, but also for killer deals!

Saturday night, we went to my favorite restaurant around for dinner - the Gristmill. It sits on the Guadalupe River and is ginormous. We ate outside on the patio and enjoyed some yummy food.

One happy lil' family! (and here's my new jacket)

Sunday morning, we headed to the Riverwalk. We enjoyed strolling along the river, taking pictures, and eating an authentic San Antonio mexican lunch. It was in the 70s. What a beautiful day!

Robert, Anna, and I by The Alamo

Anna and I along the Riverwalk

Tamara and Brian with Anna along the Riverwalk

Tamara, Brian, Robert, Anna, and I along the Riverwalk

We're looking forward to hopefully going back again before Brian moves.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I see you!

Always a curious little girl, Anna found a way to peek out of her crib when I put her to bed. She is really developing and learning!